Lori Ono


Lori OnoI grew up in Calgary, Alberta and currently live in Tokyo. I graduated with degrees in English Lit and Education. Writing and drawing is my lifeblood ever since I can remember. My notes still have as many sketches as notes. I began my journey into photography in 2000. I’m a member of RWA and SCBWI. My ideal is for my work to combine all my skills to create a vignette or story.

Me on the Web:

www.loriono.com for fiction, fine art photography and illustration

www.lorionophotography.com for portrait and travel photography

www.thespendypencil.wordpress.com for journal, works in progress, ephemera


UnNaked Tokyo (Group Show)

May 2013     ポレポレ坐、東中野/ Café Pole Pole Higashi Nakano

MINI Paceman Release Event
(Media Event/Collaboration)

February 13, 2013     Tokyo:  R Gallery

February 18, 2013     Osaka: River Walk,

 ナショナル・フォート創立44周年記念 展 National Photo 44th Anniversary

新鋭写真家44人による写真展」State of the Art Photography by 44 Photographers

November 2011     Kodak Photo Gallery Ginza

Naked Tokyo
(Group Show)

2009 at Super Delux: Wakame Hime

2008 at Gallery Deco: Yoru no Sojurn

2007 at Super Delux: Futonland

2006 at Tokyo American Club: Hong Kong


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