Deanna Koubou


Time in Japan moves forward with different cultural cues that aren’t always apparent to a new resident. As an expat living in the Tokyo area, the artist found the coveted Ohanami, cherry blossom viewing, to be a natural new year. Mother Nature’s New Year’s celebration and each week, each month, there was another explosion of colorful flowers to mark another tic of time in Japan.
Time flows differently for the artist in Japan than it did while living in the US. Red Roses and Chocolate on sale must mean it’s Valentines Day, Patriotic picnic items remind the artist it’s the 4th of July and Halloween candy in the stores signals that soon there will be little monsters running amok in the streets.
The importance of Ohanami stops a hectic nation to observe, it moves millions to travel around the world to Japan just to see. The sakura are a gift to Prime Ministers & Presidents, everyone wants a beautiful piece of Mother Nature’s timepieces.
In Studio Deanna’s Four Seasons collection, each season is marked with crocheted motifs of Sakura, Tsubaki, Momiji and snowflakes. These beautiful seasonal cues move the country of Japan forward, one flowing quickly into the next.
The seasons now mark artist’s time, they mark the artist’s progress.



ここ、スタジオ ディアナの四季コレクションは、それぞれの季節がそのままの自然を捕らえようと、かぎ針編みで桜、椿、紅葉、そして雪の結晶として示されています。それらの美しい季節の合図は、日本を前進させ、また次の季節へとすばやく移っていきます。毎週、毎月のように、日本の時の刻みを印す色彩に富んだ自然の展開が観られます。


Studio Deanna – CV

Color Theory Drawing – Patti Fox Arts, 2011
Flower Garden Crochet Design – Barbara Chapman, San Diego, CA 2011
Chyoukin Metalsmith Design – Kamimura Yasasuge, Yokosuka, Japan 2003 – 2008
Stone Setting – Peter Robinson, Costa Blanca, Spain 2008
College of Fine Arts, Univ of NSW, Sydney, Jewellery Design, 2007
Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, Australia Jewellery Manufacture, 2005
Bucks County CC, Advanced Jewelry & Silversmithing – Cris Martino,
Pennsylvania 1998 Bucks County CC, Jewelry Design – Cris Martino, Pennsylvania, 1997
2013          Tokyo Spidering, Hagiso Gallery, Yanaka, Tokyo, Japan
 2013          Transgender Topiary: Mickey/Minnie, Sagamino, Zama-shi, Japan
2012          Art Divas, Main Street Gallery 5, El Cajon, San Diego, CA
2011          Metamorph-Us: Butterfly Garden, Burning Man, Black Rock City, NV
2008          Kanazawabunko Art Festival, Oppama, Japan
Workshops Taught:
Private Crochet Tutorials, San Diego, CA 2011
Private Crochet Tutorials, Yokosuka & Tokyo, Japan 2011 – current
2009 – 2010   VivaLaModa Online Fashion Magazine, various jewelry fashion & stone purchasing articles
Daryl White, San Diego, CA, 2012
Private Collection, San Francisco, CA, 2011
Works held in private collections in Canada, UK, France, Japan & the US
Member: Tokyo Art Byte / アートバイト講評団 (あーとばいとこうひょうだん)

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