Last few days to see Tokyo Spidering! / 東京クローラは10月27日までに!







Hi everyone!

This is the last weekend to see Tokyo Spidering at HAGISO. The exhibition runs through Sunday, October 27th.

There are many events happening this weekend.

Today, Ruri Clarkson is at HAGISO making work and happy to talk about her work and she can also answer questions about the other Tokyo Spidering artists and their work.

Tomorrow from 1 – 3 pm, Arthur Huang will be hosting his HAGISO Memory Walks event. Come to the gallery and tell him how you got to HAGISO and he will create a memory walk for you to take home.

On Sunday from 1 – 3 pm, Lori Ono will be hosting the Character Building from a Scribble. She will provide all the materials necessary to create your new character.

If you see one of the eight artists in Tokyo Spidering at HAGISO this weekend, don’t be shy, please say hello!


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